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  1. bob marley

    How can i change the fontsize … nice program but useless with big fonts …. i dont no found a way to change the fontsize ….

    1. danieleds Post author

      We need somebody that is able to work on it! At this moment Notepadqq supports only English (and a little of Italian). By the final release we’ll ensure to support most languages.

    2. 刀尖红叶

      I can help translate ,but just to Chinese(simple or traditional).But notepad++’s author is from Taiwan,notepad++ has Chinese language package,why reuse it?

      I also hope notepadqq can support more encoding,Chinese encoding also include GBK,GB18030,while now latest vertion doesn’t support.It’s a pity!

      1. danieleds Post author

        Notepadqq will support more and more encodings, this is still a beta version :)
        Unfortunately we can’t reuse notepad++ language pack “as-is” because it would require a lot of additional work. But for new translated strings we can of course take inspiration from the already translated strings in notepad++!

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