Help releasing notepadqq 1.0 sooner

Notepadqq needs developers. You may have noticed that the development is going veeery slooow: this is because I can’t do it alone anymore.

Getting started is really easy. All the development stuff is centralized on launchpad (and github… but some stuff is still on sourceforge), the code is Qt and everything is straightforward.

You can code new features, translate, fix small bugs, fix huge bugs, write docs, and a lot of things. If you’re interested please let me know in the comments, and I will write some new articles explaining how to get started step by step.

Let’s go build a great text editor.

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We moved…

and the website is now hosted on Altervista!

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Notepadqq 0.13.0 available!

This is a new pre-alpha version: notepadqq_0.13.0_i386.deb (Linux)

Yes, it’s available in a deb package. And yes, it’s pre-alpha.

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Pre-alpha 0.12.0 released!

Notepadqq pre-alpha download link: notepadqq_0.12.0_i386.tar.gz (Linux)
Note: you may need to install the libqscintilla2-5 package on your Linux machine.

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Website created

Yeah, Notepadqq’s website is alive.

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